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Data's not just for improving corporate performance— it's also for talking trash about sports, highlighting government data and identifying celebrity overexposure. Tableau Public is Tableau's free platform for working with public data. You'll be amazed at the breadth of subjects that Public authors have covered—including how to improve your fantasy team performance!

In this session, Tableau Public authors will show us what it means to be a “Fanalyst”: someone who obsesses over data about a subject they love in a highly analytical way. These authors have done some fantastic work on a variety of subjects and will share with us some of their insights on analyzing publicly available data.

Join this session to hear from these speakers, get an overview of the world of Tableau Public, and compete in a fun dashboard-building contest.

Attend this complimentary session if you:

  • Are passionate about data on sports, government, or the environment
  • Want to inform public discussions with great data visualization
  • Are a journalist, or you blog or tweet regularly

This session is running in conjunction with the Tableau Customer Conference and is open to both TCC attendees and non-attendees.

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